Yoga places at Renates Einkehr

Powerful and lovingly aligned

Since 2021, there has been 1 of the 7 yoga platforms along the Kneipp Mirnock Panorama Circular Trail at Renate's Einkehr.

Yoga place lake Millstätter See

The area around Renates Einkehr is located directly on the Ley line, which runs from the Großglockner over the Mount Mirnock to the Hochobir. Ley lines, also called sacred lines, are naturally formed energy lines pulsating with “life force” that run around the earth. Where ley lines are present, there is increased life energy.

So it makes sense that the covered yoga platform was built here in a Feng-Shui measure. From spring to autumn, protected by a curtain, not only our guests but also the family enjoy this special place for the almost daily yoga practice.

Yoga place "Place of Power 3"

For all those who prefer it quieter, more protected and in the midst of the power of the trees, we recommend the "Place of Power 3". You enjoy your practice here in direct connection with the forest floor and are supported by the particularly transformative effect of this special place.

Yin yoga - Staying mindful and calm

Without the calmness of yin, the power of yang (constantly strives, wants to change things actively) cannot unfold. However, this is often forgotten in today's world of constant activity, striving and achievement. In the practice of yin yoga we experience our yin nature by holding the asanas without trying to change them. By accepting what is, we open ourselves completely to the perception of our self and the present moment.

The mantra SO HAM supports us in this. It expresses the unity between the universe and the consciousness and is repeated in the asanas with the inhalation and exhalation in order to arrive more and more at oneself.

SO HAM: "I am who I am. I am neither body nor mind. I am the immortal self."

Conscious. Moving.

Would you like to learn more about yoga or do you need support? Then we heartily recommend Anja Krois. Anja is a medical yoga teacher, certified Spiral Dynamics specialist as well as a sports scientist and is happy to bring the holistic effect of yoga closer to interested people. Find out more at: