Places of power at the Mirnock

Places with special energy-giving powers. 

Hold it. Centigrade. Gathering new strength.

Places of Power are "precisely identifiable geographical points which people discovered in ancient times, when they still possessed their natural instincts; whether by means of a sensitized fullness, intuition through observation or through precise knowledge of the earth/the cosmos" (taken from the booklet "Places of Power. The Mystery of Mirnock" by Josef Georg).

Years ago the German radiesthesiologist Josef Georg discovered the healing energy points on the Mirnock. He found out that at these places leylines from the earth's magnetic grid cross each other. The special positive vibrations and radiations have a harmonizing effect on humans, animals and nature. This energy is felt as a pleasant tingling sensation - cold or warm. The places are visited by people who would like to experience a harmonizing effect, the build-up of the energy potential as well as support in recovery processes. Especially people with high stress levels find a refuge of inner peace and contentment in such places.

Already the way to the power places is energetically charged. The energy of the two force locations is transferred by the mirror and prism effect in the pyramid placed along the path. The energy is therefore the same as at the two places of force. An energetic charging takes place while walking along the path.

The 5 stones on the way to light Hikers on site the spiritual contemplation of Waltraud-Maria Hulke

  • Stone 1 - symbol of the 5 elements, the constant renewal
  • Stone 2 - Symbol of matter, embodiment of action
  • Stone 3 - Symbol of the 4 cardinal points, enabling orientation
  • Stone 4 - symbol of the spiral, movement & progress
  • Stone 5 - Symbol of spiritual ascent, perfection