Places of power at the Mirnock

Places with special energy-giving powers. 

Hold it. Centigrade. Gathering new strength.

Our ancestors already used certain places to strengthen their life energy. Such so-called "places of power" have been available to people for centuries on the Weltenberg Mirnock.

In 1994, they were scientifically examined for the first time by Josef Georg, a radiotherapist from Eppelborn, and the positive effect on people´s well-being was described in more detail. He found that ley-lines from the earth´s magnetic grid cross at these places and give off a particularly strong and positive vibration. In cooperation with the municipality of Ferndorf and the Peternell family, these force fields were made accessible to people in the form of walk-in places. 

The energy of the three "places of power" is perceived as tingling, warmth or cold and as extremely pleasant. One should stay at these places as long as one feels comfortable. Especially people with high stress levels find a refuge of inner peace and contentment in such places. 

The three places of power at Mount Mirnock 

According to Josef Georg places of power are: "precisely identifiable geographical points which people discovered in ancient times, when they still possessed their natural instincts; whether by means of a sensitized fullness, intuition through observation or through precise knowledge of the earth/the cosmos" (taken from the booklet "Places of Power. The Mystery of Mirnock" by Josef Georg).

Place of Power 1 - Balancing, relaxing effect.

This place of power is based on a standing source, clockwise.

Place of Power 2 - Strongly activating, restorative effect.

This place of power is based on a water-bearing fault, clockwise with indigo ray.

Already the way to the power places is energetically charged. The energy of the two force locations is transferred by the mirror and prism effect in the pyramid placed along the path. The energy is therefore the same as at the two places of force. An energetic charging takes place while walking along the path.

Place of Power 3 - Transformative effect.

This place is particularly suitable for meditation and yoga and has an immediate effect via the sacral chakra. The cosmic violet ray has a transforming effect and supports

  • to perceive one’s own primordial vibration again

  • to make one’s own essence vibrate again

  • the clear recognition of one’s own life path

  • the transformation of behavioural patterns that no longer serve you

  • the joy of life, the lightness of being and the inspiration to live again.